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Antagnod village in Italian Alps

The village of Antagnod in beautiful Val d'Ayas

Today Antagnod is one of the most characteristic resorts in Monterosa-SkiArea and is listed among the most beautiful villages in Italy.
It stands at an altitude of 1,710 m on the west side of Valle d’Ayas, with a marvellous view over Monte Rosa and, being set in such an enviably sunny position, it is the ideal place for a family holiday.
There are many unusual buildings in this small village constructed by settlers to the area many years ago but which are still in perfect condition, for example the famous "rascards". One of these houses IVAT (Institut Valdôtain de l'Artisanat de Tradition) a craft shop where local objects made of wood, stone and cloth, are exhibited and which you can purchase complete with guarantee certificate.
Traditional craftwork includes: sabots (old fashionedwooden footwear once worn by the mountain dwellers, and nowadays produced on the premises by the co-operative "Li tzacolé d'Ayas", woollen socks hand-knitted by the village "tricoteuses".
Throughout the year important cultural events are organised for an increasingly knowledgeable and exacting public.

St Martin’s Parish Church in Antagnod, Val d’Ayas

Standing in the historical centre of Antagnod with majestic Monte Rosa in the background, St Martin’s Parish Church is a delightful picture.
The Parish of Ayas was first mentioned in a historical papal bull dated 20 April 1176 and, until1946, all the various villages within the borough lay under the parish jurisdiction. The present building was renovated in the 19th century and is composed of one nave and two aisles separated by monolithic columns made of local green stone; it also has six side altars. The High altar was consecrated in 1716 and made of painted and gilded carved wood; being adorned with numerous statues it is by and far the most impressive Baroque altar in the entire Valle d’Aosta,
The Vegezzi-Bossi organ was inaugurated in1912 and, on Tuesday 7 August 2012, a concert was organised by Walter D’Arcangelo to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its installation.
Following “Festival di concerti per organo” (Organ Concert Festival), church music evenings are held every year in stunning locations throughout Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta.


The Sanctuary in Barmasc was visited by Pope John Paul II in the summer of 1990. The Via Crucis, engraved into stone slabs, leads you to Colle Portola from here, then on to the statue of Our Lady erected on the peak of Monte Zerbion (2,722 m). Cross country skiers can enjoy the trail that winds its way through 3 km of marvellous larch and spruce woods. There are many beautiful paths following the course of Ru Courtot irrigation channel that are ideal for a day out snowshoeing, mountain biking or, if youdrop in at "Green Valley Ranch" riding School, why not on horseback.


Il paese di Antagnod

Chiesa di Antagnod al cospetto del Monte Rosa

Altare Maggiore nella Parrocchia di San Martino ad Antagnod, Valle d'Aosta

L’organo Vegezzi-Bossi della chiesa di Antagnod, inaugurato nel 1912 ad Ayas

Il paese di Antagnod ad Ayas in Valle d'Aosta

Il paese di Antagnod ad Ayas in Valle d'Aosta

Il Monte Rosa in Val d'Ayas

Il Monte Rosa in Valle d'Aosta

Il paese di Antagnod ad Ayas in Valle d'Aosta

Antagnod: il campanile dopo una bella nevicata in Val d'Ayas

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